This year, The Gordon and Ena Baxter Foundation supported a number of projects in our home area of Moray, here are just a few of them.


NESS: North East Sensory Service

Location: Moray

Award: £1,000


NESS supports people in Moray who are living with a sight and/or hearing loss to be as independent as possible in their own environment. 

The Baxter family has supported this group over a number of years in their comprehensive fundraising activity.  We were delighted to support the delivery of a lip-reading course to help improve communications for those hard of hearing.


Moray MS Community

Location: Moray

Award: £500


This informal group is open to people in Moray with MS, their families and carers.  Meeting once a month, they socialise, share information, listen to speakers from a variety of public, professional and voluntary organisations, highlighting current issues, research findings and it provides a forum for discussion.  It is easy to switch on our computers to find information which might be helpful, but to many, printed material remains popular as in many cases it is easier to access and does not involve use of a screen, which can aggravate visual difficulties. 

As one of the group’s main aims is to support self-help guidance to facilitate daily life, they decided to start a small lending library to provide access to useful information on subjects including research, treatments, diet, healthy living, sport and holistic treatments.  The Foundation was delighted to be able to contribute towards this valuable resource.


Friends of Elgin Biblical Garden

Location: Elgin

Award: £5,000


This community garden was created 20 years ago close to the Cathedral in Elgin.  It is a beautiful haven of colour throughout the year mainly thanks to the ‘Friends’, established in 2013.  

Horticulture students from Moray Council are heavily involved in the garden work and general developments at the site as part of their curriculum.  Collaboration between the Friends, lecturers and students, volunteers, Moray Rock Garden Club and Moray Council has made this very much a community initiative which is giving a great deal of pleasure to local residents and visitors alike. 

The Foundation is assisting with a 2-year programme to replace the Rose Arbour, which features the outline of the Cathedral as the main feature, with a low-maintenance, durable feature – much of the hard work will be undertaken by students towards their College coursework.