Over the last few years, the Foundation has been invited to participate in the Moray Funding Seminar which is open to anyone investigating potential sources of funds from small local funders to national organisations.  These workshops have always been well attended but there was little opportunity for the funders themselves to have discussions on local funding needs.  It occurred to some of the funders that it might be worthwhile looking at a specific platform for Moray communities to tap into for advice and support.  The logistics of getting representatives from funding organisations working in Moray together round a table seemed quite challenging … until Covid-19 forced us all to find new ways of communicating with each other.

One of the successes for me this year has been the coming together of a band of like-minded people representing funders from across the nation.  Since July 2020, the Moray Funders’ Forum has established their vision ‘to encourage a strong Moray community where well-managed groups and organisations receive the support and resources they require’.  Facilitated by the team at tsiMoray, the MFF provides a regular platform for Moray grant-givers to network, learn, collaborate and share funding information in a way which is improving the grant-giving processes for the community. 

The MFF is now attracting interest from the national funders and we are already seeing the results of our collaborative thinking and sharing of knowledge.  As we build on what we have achieved in the last few months, MFF is looking forward to a comprehensive programme during 2021 which will continue to provide as much practical support as possible to Moray communities in understanding the local funding scene.   For more information, please visit: MORAY FUNDERS’ FORUM | tsiMORAY