Gordon and Ena Baxter established their foundation to “spread a little fertiliser” in local communities in the North of Scotland. Since then, we have donated over £1,000,000 to good causes.

now, we are on a mission to award our next £1,000,000. we are extending a personal invitation to local groups to step up, let us know what they are doing, and put themselves forward for financial support. 

Am I Eligible?

The Gordon and Ena Baxter Foundation looks for well-managed groups who can demonstrate sustainability and a genuine community impact. The Foundation awards a broad range of funding packages, entirely depending on the needs of the applicants and where we believe we can be most useful.

We strongly advise all prospective applicants to take some time to read our eligibility criteria before making an application for financial support.


Ready to Apply?

Once you have read the criteria for awards, we invite you to fill out a pre-application form. This will give us a quick flavour of your project, and will allow us to determine if it will proceed to our trustees.

Our trustees consider applications for funding throughout the year. If your application proceeds, it will be considered during one of these funding rounds. If you are successful, our trustees may choose to award you some or all of your application amount. They may also come back to you with some more questions.



The Gordon and Ena Baxter Foundation is committed to providing as much support as possible to potential applicants, so we have produced a short guide to drafting a great proposal.

Does your application have the support of the community? How have local people reacted to your project? Has your project had much in-kind support from volunteers?

How will your project benefit your organisation? How can we help to take you to the next level? 

Can your project take a financial grilling? Be realistic with your expectations, and avoid jargon and buzz words. We need to know that there will be sound financial management.