The Foundation has honoured our first Ena Baxter scholarship to one of Gray’s School of Art’s undergraduate students.

Along with our biannual funding awards to worthy causes across the north of Scotland, we have created the new scholarship in creative arts as a tribute to Ena Baxter, an accomplished artist who studied drawing and painting at Gray’s School of Art.

Ena Baxter Scholarship

First year Communication Design student Mark Roach (23) is the first recipient of the scholarship, which is a £10,000 scholarship package designed to support an undergraduate student studying at RGU’s art school.

Gordon and Ena Baxter had a real passion and spent many years supporting the arts in different ways. Ena’s love for her art is preserved in her paintings of flowers and still lifes, which are displayed in various exhibitions throughout the year.

Being part of the Foundation offers the chance to get involved with some inspiring groups and individuals with exciting ideas. We’re looking forward to working with RGU in this special project and seeing each student progress throughout their degrees with support from us.

Mark said: “I feel very honoured and surprised to receive the scholarship. Though I have previous years of higher education under my belt, I had never been given the opportunity to apply for a scholarship, never mind to be awarded one.

“Apart from lessening the every constant student financial woes, it will enable me to budget more on projects and to be able to start some personal projects on the side.